Getting married twice in one day is pretty awesome!

Cynthia and Paul’s wedding day was filled with magic, beauty, amazing people and so much positive energy!

The first, beautiful and intimate ceremony took place in grooms parent’s backyard. Cynthia and Paul traveled from Boulder, Colorado to get married in Brookfield, Paul’s hometown. Grooms mother who is unable to leave the house was honored by witnessing the couple’s vows exchange. What a touching and loving gesture!!

Sanger House Gardens, Milwaukee’s hidden gem, was the backdrop for the couple’s second ceremony. Here, their family and friends witnessed the special moment.

This was a wedding filled with lots of tears of love! The groom cried, the bride cried, mother of the bride, father of the bride, father of the groom, sisters of the groom cried…….even Cynthia’s little nephew cried during his speech! He broke out in tears saying how much he loves auntie, and how happy he is for her!

This was a wedding where the bride was one of the nicest and kindest people I know.
This was a wedding where the bride and groom whispered the vows in each other’s ear.
This was a wedding where the bride’s sister looked like the iconic Uma Thurman in “Pulp Fiction”, but prettier!
This was a wedding with traditional Greek dances around the beautiful gardens of Historic Brewers Hill.
Guests enjoyed traditional Greek food and traditional Greek wedding favors, candy-coated almonds, The Bombonieras.
Cynthia and Paul, I wish you all the best!
Love you!.
A shout out to my favorite bartender, Gary, the owner of Bartenders On The Go